The topics in this theme describe air quality in NSW and the effects of carbon emissions on our climate, as well as how climate change already affects, or will affect, all aspects of our environment.

Climate Change

The climate of NSW is changing due to global warming.

Rising temperature graphic with thermometer and sun

Increase in temperature

Red Up


increase in average temperature from 1960–90 to the present time

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

In 2016, greenhouse gas emissions for NSW were 131.6 million tonnes CO2-e. Emissions peaked in 2007 and are now 18.7% lower than 2005 levels.

Greenhouse gas graphic

Greenhouse gas emissions peaked in 2007 and are now

Green Down


lower than in 2005

Air Quality

NSW air quality is generally good or very good and consistently complies with national air quality standards for carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, lead and sulfur dioxide.

Petrol bowser graphic

Petrol vapour capture during vehicle refuelling


compliance by service stations